About Us

Fisch & Antonette is a leading residential real estate boutique law firm with over 45 years experience working in residential real estate law in Toronto and has transacted more than 50,000 transactions since 1969. We specialize in legal services related to matters of Purchasing, Selling, Refinancing and Title Insurance – for residences anywhere in Ontario. In addition we provide legal services including Commercial Real Estate, Leasing, Wills, Power of Attorneys, Notary Services and Incorporations, the Purchase and Sale of Small Businesses as well as Divorce matters. Our philosophy is simple: We are committed to creating lasting relationships with our clients by being easily accessible to them and offering them solutions to their legal real estate needs.

Joseph Fisch, founder and principal of Fisch + Antonette, has dedicated his life to real estate law and has been a part of creating the wonderful Toronto skyline that we know today. Joseph has more than 45 years of experience supervising and processing more then 50,000 residential real estate transactions in the Greater Toronto Area since 1969. Joseph’s motto is simple “Be good to people, and do great work for them and they will return to you”. He explains, “We have built our law firm client by client, creating strong relationships and now service multi-generational families. We have an exceptional legal team who have worked in the industry for more than 40 years, who along with their knowledge and experience continue to cultivate the strong family environment that we hold dear”. Our most recent addition to our exceptional team is Joseph’s daughter, Aliza Fisch, who recently joined the practice as a lawyer and is committed to growing the practice and updating it’s technology so that we can communicate with our clients even more seamlessly.

Our legal team offers communication in 8 languages English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, French, Hebrew and Yiddish. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 419 College Street on the second floor, which is at the southeast corner of College Street and Bathurst Street.

Call our office or email us any time 416-920-6312 or email us at any time fisch@jfischlaw.ca We look forward to being the solution to all your real estate and legal needs.

Contact Us

Main Office email:
419 College Street, 2nd Floor,
Toronto, ON, M5T 1T1

Team Directory

Contact Position Ext. Direct Line Email
Joseph Fisch Senior Lawyer 416-920-6312 joseph@jfischlaw.ca
Aliza Fisch Lawyer 33 416-920-6312 aliza@jfischlaw.ca
Franca Vescio Clerk – General 22 416-920-6312 franca@jfischlaw.ca
Ana Ferreria Clerk – Purchases/Mortgages 23 416-920-6312 ana@jfischlaw.ca
Jean Pickernell Clerk – Purchases/Mortgages 24 416-920-6312 jean@jfischlaw.ca
Giannina Manuele Clerk – Sales 21 416-920-6312 giannina@jfischlaw.ca